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For the seeds you just plant, let's us join a hand to water it. As a plant grows with day-to-day care, at Engeika, your satisfaction grows with our lifelong experiences and the fullest attention.

Founded in 1987, ENGEIKA has been known as a leading direct-to-customer e-commerce retailer specializing in writing instruments, watches, bags & cases and recently lighters. Our mission is to bring the most wonderful products with the best quality and design to our customers from all over the world.

Engeika means horticulturist in Japanese. A horticulturist is a person who uses scientific as well as artistic knowledge to give the best caring to every single plant in his/her garden. The development of plants is his/her joy. And, the name says it all. We, at Engeika, love and proud to take care of each of you, our dear customers, as your satisfaction is our happiness and motivation everyday.
In each product in our store, we would like to bring to YOU not only the BEST QUALITY or the MOST AMAZING DESIGN but also the INSPIRING STORY lying under each of them.

1. Writing instruments

Our story all starts with the love for fountain pens as well as all writing instruments. We used to be amatuer in this field but time after time, knowledge is gained and experiences evolve. We are now proud to bring you not only the best writing products but also the most useful advice so that you can have the most satisfactory writing afterwards. If you have any questions about writing, please ask us anytime, you will quickly find your answer with our help.

2. Cases and Bags

Beside pens, pen cases and bags are also our hightlight as they are indespensible accessories when it comes to writing instruments. Writing Instruments, more than anything else need to be protected and displayed within the best condition. They are made to be aged over the decades so that keeping them away from any damages would show how much you care for it. At Engeika you can also have a nice combo of pens and bags. It might be hard to choose a bag which can functionally and fashionably fit with your pen but NO more worry as Engeika already did it for you. All our bag collections are carefully selected to give you the best look when you use it with any pen, watch or even lighter.

3. Watches

If our writing instruments help you keep everything in memory, our watches would remind you to keep track of it. While specializing in writing instruments, we also see a growing interest of our customers in watches too. Therefore, from 2000, we started introducing watches with unique selections from Casio, Seiko and Wancher. It has now grown to a variety of collections each of which is attentively chosen to perfectly match with your style and any accessory you can get from Engeika. We would want to strape one on as we know it has become your daily need.

4. Lighters

This daily necessity seems like not a big thing to talk about but there are lots of good reasons to carefully choose a good one. As writing instruments and watches, what if you find out a brand new lighter you just bought doesn't work? It is all about quality and brand which really matters. At Engeika, we do care about everyday needs of our customers in an exceptional way where each of our products perfectly functions on daily basis and has a true value perishing over time. 
We chose lighters but not anything else to fill up our collection as we know, same as pens or watches, lighters can be an indispensable part of your life. It helps you light things up and somehow it will light up your life. That is what a lighter with great functions and the best design can bring to you.


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