PLATINUM #3776 CENTURY NICE LAVANDE Slip and Seal Mechanism Demonstrator Transparent Purple color Body 14K Gold Pink Gold Plated Nib All Nib Sizes Fountain Pen [PNB-20000R#87]


PLATINUM #3776 CENTURY NICE LAVANDE Slip and Seal Mechanism Demonstrator Transparent Purple color Body 14K Gold Pink Gold Plated Nib All Nib Sizes Fountain Pen [PNB-20000R#87]


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Slip and Seal Mechanism
Demonstrator Transparent Violet Color Body
14K Gold Pink Gold Plated Nib
All Nib Sizes
Fountain Pen

Platinum will release new model of #3776 Nice on November 15th, 2017. The new model called LAVANDE which is inspired by the image of lavander fileds in France.

We are now accepting Pre-order for Platinum #3776 NICE LAVANDE.

When the pens arrive to our warehouse we will ship to you by time order of Pre-order


How #3776 Century was born?

The innovative cap contains a unique “Slip & Seal” mechanism that prevents ink from drying out in the pen. Meanwhile, a newly redesigned nib and feed regulate the ink flow. Founded in 1919, Platinum Pens is now nearing a full century of achievement. The #3776 “Century” celebrates this approaching anniversary and continues Platinum Pens’ tradition of technological innovation. With Platinum Pens, the pleasure of writing and the use of fine writing instruments will always be evolving.

The #3776“ Century” Fountain Pen. What qualities make for the ideal contemporary fountain pen? Sleek design, comfortable writing balance, smooth flow, and fast-drying ink… At the request of customers, we at Platinum Pen have gone back to the basics to address these issues. Every part and mechanism has been carefully studied and re-engineered. The result is the #3776 “Century,” designed on the base model of the popular #3776 series pens.

Slip and Seal Mechanism

The "Slip and Seal mechanism" in the cap has become a special specification, and standard for the pens that are named after all of the Fuji Five Lakes. A sense of fun that you can visually view the specially designed mechanism that rotates like a merry-go-round each time the cap is opened or closed.

The new “Slip and Seal Cap Mechanism” of the pen now allows us to enjoy the use of beautiful pigment inks. Try the mild and meaningful writing pleasure of pigment ink. We at Platinum Co., have attached the brand new appearance a pigment ink in Blue as well as the current Black color which we have been producing since 1985. A pigment ink allows pleasure of writing of course excellent light fastness , water-resistance and less bleeding to enable you to save your writings with warm feelings for many years and to pass on to your children.


Changes of the amount of ink by time with a cap (Source: from Platinum Pen Company)

It has normally been thought difficult to make an airtight pen with a screw-type cap. If not sealed tightly, the following problems can result:

1. Ink drying out due to moisture evaporation. 

2. Problems with dried ink if the pen is not used for three to six months. 

3. It can be necessary to clean the pen using our Ink Cleaner Kit or even to repair or replace the nib itself if the damage due to dried ink is too severe.

At the request of customers, Platinum Pen Company have gone back to the basics to deal with this problem. This is the first fountain pen which has the unique “Slip & Seal” structure in a pen with a screw-type cap. Thanks to this innovation, currently being patented, it is possible to have a screw-type cap with complete airtightness.

The Slip and Seal Mechanism Fountain Pen Series

   This is the first fountain pen to feature the unique “Slip and Seal” mechanism, currently being patented, in an open with screw type cap. This mechanism suppresses volatilization of the ink, so that pen owners can enjoy can enjoy smooth writing and fresh ink even when a cartridge has been inserted in the pen for up to a year.
   This mechanism allows the ink to remain in an airtight state while preventing annoying ink bubbles. It is perfect for pen owners who have little time for pen maintenance and even less for leaking ink. This high performance pen is designed for reliable everyday use. We trust that Platinum pen owners will enjoy this new mechanism and fresh ink that it provides.

Note: “The cap must be closed for this feature to work"
A comparison of light fastness and water resistance between
Pigment and Dye ink.

As in the above case, Platinum's pigment ink does not fade and keeps it's distinction even 10 years later as students go out into the world. Even 20 years later, they will be able to make a difficult decision as a responsible person. Then, he or she may open this package and find the courage from a clear message with clarity of pigment ink by Platinum. This is just like a time capsule for former students and alumni associations for their own enduring information.

We continue testing , however dye ink has faded significantly in two months.

・・Testing machine
UV Long-Life Fade Meter
Light source:Enclosed Carbon Arc Lamp
Black panel temperature:63±3・・
・・Irradiation time
8 hours shall be one set and it is repetition irradiation.
1-hour irradiation is equivalent to the part(indoor) on 2.


Product Specifications

Manufacturer PLATINUM
Model number PNB-20000R#87
Body #3776 AS Resin (sandblasting, then shaper cutting on body) Demonstrator Transparent Pink color body Pink Gold plated accents
Nib/ Tip material 14K Gold Pink Gold plated
Nib / Tip size F (Fine), M (Medium), B (Broad)
Filling system Cartridge and Converter
Diameter 15.4mm
Length 139.5mm (cap closed)
Weight 19.6g
Only from Engeika Cartridge and Converter included
Shipping weight 200g
Origin Japan
Note This is a limited item and may be out of stock at anytime. We will contact you right after we confirm your order.

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