PLATINUM #3776 CENTURY The Lantern Slip and Seal Mechanism Demonstrator Transparent Brown Amber Body 14K Gold Nib Fountain Pen *LIMITED EDITION* [PNB-20000W#65]


PLATINUM #3776 CENTURY The Lantern Slip and Seal Mechanism Demonstrator Transparent Brown Amber Body 14K Gold Nib Fountain Pen *LIMITED EDITION* [PNB-20000W#65]


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Manufacturer Price: US$350.00

Weight: 200g

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UEF (Ultra Extra Fine) Model no: PNB-20000W#65-UEF Please contact us
EF (Extra Fine) Model no: PNB-20000W#65-EF Please contact us
F (Fine) Model no: PNB-20000W#65-F Can Order
M (Medium) Model no: PNB-20000W#65-M Please contact us
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Manufacturer Price: US$350.00


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Platinum #3776 Century The Lantern Transparent Brown Amber

Across many regions and cultures, light holds a symbolic meaning, often serving as an image of life or hope.  As a result, it holds a significant place in a large number and variety of global traditions. Following on the heels of Platinum #3776 The Nyhavn Demonstrator edition, Platinum introduced their limited model Platinum #3776 Lantern comes in distinctive design in highly favored Lantern light amber color with solid 14k gold trim and nib. The brownish color of the body represents the Lantern light brings harmony, blessings in your life, and it is also believed that the lantern will carry your troubles away with it.


Exclusive edition only for Engeika:

Lantern plays a significant role in many cultures. Very well-known lantern festival is observed annually by the people of Japan which has been practiced for hundreds of years.  Known as the Bon or Obon festival, it is a both a somber and joyful time as the Japanese honor their deceased relatives and spend time with their living families. Lighting Lantern is the necessary in Japanese culture for praying to their ancestor’s spirits, and generally honoring their lives.

Many east Asian countries like China, Vietnam, Thailand the lantern festival occurs on the first full moon. Lanterns represent the completion of this period of harmony. The day of lanterns sends the blessing of harmony, order and unity to remain with everyone for the rest of the year.


Solid-colored cap with Transparent body

We are sure you have never seen any pen from PLATINUM with similar design. A solid-colored cap with demonstrator body! 

The brown transparent body represents the brownish yellow beam of light from Lantern and the black shades from cap and pen end shows the beauty of flying Lantern in the dark sky.

This is the very first Transparent Amber color ever made by PLATINUM.

Another indispensable parts of the pen are nib and accents. They were all made from solid 14K Gold.

Solid 14K Gold Nib

Especially, the manufacturing process of PLATINUM Gold nib for this pen was all handmade to ensure the highest nib quality and smoothness of the tip.

Platinum solid 14k gold nib provides distinctively smooth writing. Together with slip and seal mechanism, the writing is not only silky but also goes smoothly with ink flow as ink-drying problem is perfectly solved.

 This pen is available with multiple nib choices from ultra extra fine to medium nib so that you can easily find your own suitable size.



Slip and Seal Mechanism

The "Slip and Seal mechanism" in the cap has become a special specification, and standard for the pen.

The new “Slip and Seal Cap Mechanism” of the pen now allows us to enjoy the use of beautiful pigment inks. Try the mild and meaningful writing pleasure of pigment ink. A pigment ink allows pleasure of writing of course excellent light fastness, water-resistance and less bleeding to enable you to save your writings with warm feelings for many years and to pass on to your children.

At the request of customers, Platinum Pen Company has gone back to the basics to deal with drying-ink problem. The Nyhavn also has the unique “Slip & Seal” structure in a pen with a screw-type cap. Thanks to this innovation, currently being patented, it is possible to have a screw-type cap with complete airtightness.

The pen ships in the high quality gift box with all accessories and papers included. With this silk box, not only can you display and protect the pen well but also can bring it on the go conveniently without making any defect to the pen.





Product Specifications

Manufacturer PLATINUM
Model number PNB-20000W#65
Design The Lantern
Body #3776 AS Resin Amber Brown Transparent body, Black cap & grip, Gold accents
Nib/ Tip material 14K Gold
Nib / Tip size UEF (Ultra Extra Fine),EF (Extra Fine), F (Fine), M (Medium)
Filling system Cartridge and Converter
Diameter 15.4 mm
Length 139.5 mm (cap closed)
Weight 20.5 g
Only from Engeika Pigment Ink Cartridge and Converter included
Shipping weight 200 g
Guarantee The item is 100% Brand New, Authentic, First Quality with all original parts
Warranty Please only return to ENGEIKA to qualify for the warranty. Warranty is available within one year after you receive the item.
Origin Japan
Note This is a limited item and may be out of stock at anytime. We will contact you right after we confirm your order.

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