Wancher Japan Paulownia Wooden Box Luxury Pen Display Case 16 Pens [WA185]


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Wancher Paulownia Wooden Box

Fountain Pen Display Case

16 Pens


Wancher Special Pen Case Collection

As you may know, Wancher offers the largest and most extensive line of luxury pen cases on the market recently. With the wide variety of cases that they are providing, I believe you can find a security and comfort pen case for your pen collection, no matter you are a beginner collector or the ardent collector. Any Wancher pen cases will be at home on your desk or in your study for years to come.

Paulownia (The Princess Tree) - Hyakumidansu

Paulownia was named after Queen Anna Pavlovna of Russia (1795-1865), and is sometimes called Royal Paulownia or Princess Tree. Paulownia is used in applications where a lightweight (yet proportionately strong) wood is needed. It’s widely used in Japan for construction of the koto (a stringed musical instrument), as well as other household items, where the wood is referred to askiri. Paulownia is one of the fastest growing trees in the world. Paulownia has come to be considered as an invasive species in the United States.

Paulownia is seldom offered for sale in the United States, though it’s actually grown on plantations and exported to Japan, where demand for the wood is much higher. Prices are likely to be very high for a domestic species. 

According to its characteristics, this Paulownia wood was chose as a special material to make the luxury display case.

1. Insect Deterrent
Paulownia wood contains some ingredients that repel insects, so this material is the best suited for keeping art works or expensive item.
2. Anti-corrosive
Paulownia wood contains a large amount of tannin (a highly anti-corrosive ingredient) which make the corrosive resistant in the humid climate, inhibits the growth of mosses & bacteria, and renders durability that lasts many years.
3. Light Weight
Paulownia wood is the lightest Japanese wood.
4. Substantially free from shrinkage
Dried Paulownia wood hardly shrinks. And Paulownia products can shut out the air from its inner space and are not affected by the climate such as temperature and humidity.
5. Constant humidity is maintained
Maintaining a constant humidity is an important condition to store an item. Paulownia wood is not an exception for maintaining a constant humidity, it can be able to adjust a difference between high humidity and low humidity by absorbing and releasing moisture.
6. Heat Resistant
Paulownia wood is flame retardant. It has a non-heat conductive structure and hardly cracks when heated


The Design

For the avid pen collector, I would like to offer this exquisitely designed pen case with ample storage for 16 fine writing instruments by Wancher. Display, store and protect your extensive pen collection in this exceptional quality wooden finish case. The top level holds 4 pens and the bottom 3 drawers pull-out additional 12 units (Each drawers provides storage of 4 pens). The large divider wells keep pens separated and scratch free and the display designed to be consisted of many units of small pen cases. The pen case is specially designed to protect your pens from scratches. The pen box gives a clean professional look on a desk, dresser or nightstand.

Made by the most experienced and highly trained Paulownia craftsman, the pen box is carefully created within every single detail. It not only displays your collection the way that it should be, it also keep your pens safe and very secure.

Product Specifications

Manufacturer WANCHER - From the Land of the Rising Sun. Website: www.wancher.com (International)
Model number WA185
Collection Paulownia Wooden Display Case
Design 4-floor Case
Material Paulownia Hyakumidansu Wood
Color Light Brown
Capacity 16 Pens
Size 187mm (L) x 152mm (W) x 123mm (H). Small compartment: 165mm (L) x 20mm (W) x 20mm (H)
Weight 1251 g
Origin Japan
Designed by Wancher
Note The pens in the pictures are not attached with the item. Please contact us if you want to buy these pens

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    Unique Case !!
    By Danapara
    At first i saw this case, i was mesmerized by it uniqueness. The wood material was very soft and the shape was simple. The case even could fit into 16 pens, should add more pens to my collection (lol). Great products and service from the store. Love it so much
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