WANCHER Tiger Ebonite Black - White Pencil Holder Extender [WAST-PH-450-BKPK]


WANCHER Tiger Ebonite Black - White Pencil Holder Extender [WAST-PH-450-BKPK]

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Manufacturer Price: US$45.00

Weight: 100g

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WANCHER Tiger Ebonite Brown
Pink Pencil Holder Extender
Compatible with many types of pencils as Mitsubishi, Uniball, ...
Only from Engeika: WANCHER Vintage Eco Linen Pen Case Included


Note: The wooden pencil as in the picture will not be included.

Eco- green and stylish pencil holder

Now-a-days in the busy life, the traditional wooden pencils are vanishing from the desk. But these traditional wooden pencils make a great impact on the writing.

Each time you use with the sharpened lead you can adjust the lead point by shaping and of course the nostalgic feeling these pencils give is unforgettable.

The wooden pencils are apparently indispensible in various fields of architecture, drawing, carpentry, designing, school etc. And this Eco- green and stylish pencil holder made by WANCHER is simply a pencil holder that everyone should possess.

Handmade scratchy-look-alike Ebonite body

The pen is made by hands of artists under a very long process. The brand new body of the pen has a scratchy-look-alike look which gives the feeling of Japanese ancient fountain pens. So some little white dots on the pen are perfectly normal and purposely made to keep the tradition of handmade pens alive.

Besides, with the idea of an original simple body of fountain pen as well as the ebonite material, the pen is believed to fit in hands of various users.

Product Specifications

Manufacturer WANCHER - From the Land of the Rising Sun. Website: www.wancher.com (International)
Model number WAST-PH-450-BKPK
Material Original Ebonite
Color Black & Pink
Diameter 12 mm (body); 14 mm (cap)
Length 147 mm
Weight 19 g
Only from Engeika WANCHER Vintage Eco Linen Pen Case included
Shipping weight 100 g
Guarantee The item is 100% Brand New, Authentic, First Quality with all original parts
Designed by WANCHER Japan
Note The listing is for the pencil holder only

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