WANCHER Kousen Oshita Artist Exclusive LUrushi Lacquer Makie Art Collection Japanese Traditional Fan & Flowers Body Fountain Pen [DM-003]


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WANCHER Kousen Oshita Artist
Exclusive Urushi Lacquer Makie Collection
Japanese Traditional Fan & Flowers Body
Fountain Pen


About Kousen Oshita Artist - the Maki-e legend of fountain pen world

The Lacquer Urushi Maki-e is made by the famed artist from Japan, Mr. Kosen Oshita.

Kousen Oshita artist (or Kousen"nsei in Japanese) is renowed all over the world for his Maki-e Lacquer works. You may see his work on jewelries, accessories, stationeries, etc. His paintings are featured in many Japan's art museums and various art galleries.

In the field of stationery, if you are owing a Maki-e fountain pen of SAILOR or PLATINUM, there is a chance that your pen is made from the hands of Kousen Oshita. Many high class and luxurious fountain pens of SAILOR and PLATINUM are made by the artist Kousen Oshita.

This time, WANCHER would like to bring you the Exclusive Lacquer Urushi Makie Art Collection for WANCHER's customers.

With the vision of bringing all the best aspects of Maki-e to customers, the collection includes various designs and colors for your selections.

Each design and color convey a different meaning and idea.

All handmade by the artist Kousen Oshita for you only


About the story of
WANCHER Exclusive Urushi Lacquer Maki-e Art Collection

The specialty of Oshita art is that each maki-e work depicts a story of the nature and scenic beauty in Japan and the earth.

Japan has four seasons Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter; and Kousen Oshita conveys the beauty of all four seasons in his work art. Inspired from the beauty nature, he brings the nature's breath into his magnificent art work with his own feeling and bonding to nature.

Mr Kousen Oshita is an aged man who has experienced the war and also the modern times. Therefore, his art no doubt depicts the best ancient and modern Japan nature art work. As nature changed in the each period from ancient to modern, his art works also varies according to the changes.

This is the specialty of his art which WANCHER wants to convey to their worldwide customers.

We hope you like and appreciate this rare art from Japan - the Land of the Rising Sun.

Product Specifications

Manufacturer WANCHER
Model number DM-003
Body AS Resin Black color Lacquerware Makie art Japanese Traditional Fan & Flowers painting
Nib/ Tip material Iridium point
Nib / Tip size M (Medium)
Filling system Cartridge and Converter (European standard size, such as Montblanc, etc)
Diameter 15 mm (ring)
Length 134 mm (cap closed)
Weight 18 g approx.
Only from Engeika Cartridge included
Shipping weight 200g
Guarantee The item is 100% Brand New, Authentic, First Quality with all original parts
Origin Japan

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