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  • First-time Engeika Experience
    By Anonymous
    Excellent service! My order arrived in perfect condition because the Engeika team had carefully packaged the items (in triple bubble wrappers). International shipping could be rough sometimes and one is always concern about accidental damage during handling. In my case, my pen and accessory arrived in the US intact like new. Thanks to the thoughtful packaging. Secondarily, I have read online that some people have experienced slow delivery. This is perhaps an unfair assessment. My order took about seven days to arrive from the time I placed it online. Seven days is quite normal for international (Japan—>US) snail mail. It’s definitely not Amazom Prime and buyers should bear that in mind. Just adjust your expectation, practice a bit of patience, and you will be happy. Engeika’s pricing is very reasonable and that is valuable. Overall, 5 Stars!
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  • Review of the Wancher Astronaut II Japan Automatic Self-winding Mechanical Men's Watch
    By Tan Teng Heng
    About a year ago, I was looking for a 24-hour hand watch. I found the Glycine and Russian-Watches. The Glycine was beyond my budget while the Russian-Watches, although within my budget but did not look as nice.
    Just by coincidence, I found Wancher Astronaut II GMT from the website of Engeika Finest Shop on 27 December 2017.

    A few emails were sent to ask about the watch. Very satisfied with the quick responses and affordable price, I placed the order on 29 December 2017. I was already informed that due to the holiday season in Japan, the order will only be processed after 8 January 2018, so I waited.
    On 10 January 2018, my watch was shipped out. On 13 January 2018, I received the watch in Singapore. Very fast indeed.

    After removing the bubble wrapping, a simple and plain beautiful box met my eyes. Inside it was my Wancher Astronaut II GMT watch and a small card with 2 QR Codes for the Instruction Manual (English and Japanese). At the website, I had difficulty finding the instruction manual. After some searching, I realized that I need to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the webpage, look for Astronaut II GMT words and click on it. It would have been better if each watch photo had an embedded link to the each of the instruction manual.

    The Watch:
    The red hand is the 24-hour GMT hand. The short and long white hands are the 12-hour format. This is a very beautiful time piece with fine craftsmanship and comes at a very reasonable price. It’s a real looker and has what I had been looking for, a 24-hour hand watch. It comes with automatic self-winding mechanical movement, no battery required. The watch glass is made of sapphire crystal and magnifier for the date. It’s hard and durable. Love it.

    Watch Bracelet:
    The bracelet size was too big for me. I thought the bracelet were held by pins and I don’t have the tools, I brought it to a watch shop for help. I was surprised that the bracelet was using screws instead of pins. How I wished this information was provided in the box or on the instruction manual.

    Great service by Engeika Finest Shop, fast delivery and a beautiful product. Recommended.
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  • Absolutely increadible
    By Robert Doan
    This is one of my best pens that I own.
    Will love this one for years to come.

    It is amazing
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  • Pretty happy with this pen
    By Robert Doan
    Pretty happy with this purchase. I had no idea what kind of quality to expect.
    Writes well. I put an o'ring in the barrel and use it as an eyedropper unit.

    For the amount of money I paid for it. I'm happy
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  • Blown away
    By Robert Doan
    For the price, I didn't expect much. I needed a quick to use everyday pen with a pull off cap.
    I end up using this over my very expensive pens because it writes easy and is easy to use.
    Works wonderfully.
    I put an o'ring on the barrel and use it as a eye dropper unit. It holds so much ink like this.

    Love it
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  • I like the Ink very much
    By Anonymous
    I am super happy with the service of Engeika. And the ink is pretty good. I like the color very much. Will use it for daily writing
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  • eccellente
    By Anonymous
    Grazie al venditore .
    Penna molto bella scrittura ottima spedizione ok
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  • molto bella
    By Anonymous
    Gradevole al tatto e divertente nella scrittura.
    Servizio di spedizione ottimo ringrazio il venditore
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  • Great Pen
    By Anonymous
    I bought this pen for someone dear to me. Never doubted buying from Engeika. I will buy from you again.
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  • 23.05.2017
    By Anonymous
    Liked. Very good fall both on matte and on glossy paper. Recommend.
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