WANCHER - From the land of Rising Sun, was initially started in year 2000 in Japan as introducing very innovative stationery and writing instruments focusing on fountain pens to the world. WANCHER believes in excellent Japanese bowing customer service before and after sales.

We focus on innovative, fashionable and different stationery items.

We went across the traditional Silk Road path and expanded our operations in the Oriental China and now in the Incredible India. Our aim is to spread the fashion in stationery items and writing instrument to all over the world.

WANCHER also cherish various Art forms around the globe. Therefore we have various art amalgamations in our writing instruments, stationery, fountain pens which are rare and not found anywhere else. WANCHER believe that there are still various art forms undiscovered, undervalued in this world. WANCHER welcome various arts from every corner of the world and want to preserve various arts which are on verge of extinction in the world.

WANCHER is a company that always seeks to be different and to be unique. Discovering exceptional features from different cultures & arts and combining all of them in one to make a completed wonderful art on fountain pens is one mission that WANCHER has been successful in achieving!

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